Petit Paris

The historical records of the company dated from 24 of December 2007, date on which the brand Petit Paris® appeared for the first time in Panama City. As today they become to be a pioneering company in the bakery and French pastries and enjoying great prestige for its cuisine which is geographically positioned by the South of France taste, by giving an open mouth, Mediterranean sense, generating a high position in the market

Under this premise, this way of doing business model of Petit Paris® as a franchise was born, seeking to provide economic growth for new franchisees. Having the support of professionals chefs in different branches and passionate professionals.

Our goal is to assist in the development of sales and be the best investment model where you can minimize costs and risks and achieve increasing profit with economic incentives to meet customer expectations


The Idea

Petit Paris® projects itself under the franchise model, where franchisees will receive the best of its product portfolio in each area or segments.

All of our products are handmade. This gives you under this concept a boutique unique manner, to cover all the needs of Restaurant, Bakery and desserts. Also we offer other high end quality products recently made not canned, frozen, or otherwise preserved. And in this manner clients can enjoy seeing our procedures.
This can be resuming as what is known…as a “Hot Spot”.


The portfolio of products we are offering are widely linked to each other and ensure a steady cash flow at all hours of the day ensuring a good business opportunity.

Another aspect of Why? It is based on products that are with demand, high turnover and can be offered in different areas or business units without having the franchisee to manage traumatic operations.


The objective of Petit Paris® market is aimed at men and women of all ages medium / high strata with a reasonable level of buying, and be located in the best areas of Panama City ( banking district , old town, east coast, Punta Pacifica , San Francisco , Clayton , shopping centers, etc ), areas with heavy traffic or that are strategically placed in suitable environments to the expected market.





Provide products in our portfolio that are mostly handmade high quality and always fresh, under the Petit Paris® atmosphere with warm spaces, friendly staff that exceeds the expectations of customers.


Being the leader in our line of business in Panama City with a strong commercial presence that motivates customers with a high end experience that creates greater expansion in sales and strengthen quality recognition at national and international level.